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Car Monitor

Car Monitor

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ar Monitors divided into two types, one is for watching TV by placing in car, actually it is a kind of Mobile TV. The other kind is the car monitor in small sizes of 7 inches, 4.3 inches and 3.5 inches. Generally it has two way of video input, one can connect with car DVD, another is for mobile camera of reversing image, similar movement in the automotive tool can be used on the display for easy use in motor movement. Briefly say, the mobile TV is mobile reception of digital television (compared with digital tv), it mainly includes set-top box, LCD monitor, cable, power supply, etc. Monitors are there for all the possible positions in the car to facilitate installation and using. For example, on the ceiling, in headrest monitor etc. With a car you come into the enjoyment of even sharper screens and even more precise data representations. If you want to know clearly the data representations during driving, then the mobile computer is a mandatory product, it allows you to clearly know that driving speed, fuel gauge display, temperature, engine temperature and other detailed data.

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