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Special Occasion Dresses

Special Occasion Dresses

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2013 New Sequie Beaded A-line Evening Dress with Small Tail

2013 New Sequie Beaded A-line Evening Dress with Small Tail

$199.39 $149.99


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1,Evening Dresses
Evening dresses are formal dresses wearing for women after 8.PM clock. They are the highest quality, most unique dresses which can fully display the personality. They call these evening dress also night dresses, dresses for special occasions, prom dresses. They often match with shawls, jackets, with beautiful decorative gloves together constitute the whole outfit effect.
Evening dresses emphasize women’s slim figure by exaggerating weight sense of dresses below hips, fully exposing shoulders, chest, arms and other parts, such as the low neckline design, it aims to decorate a strong sense of design by pertinently using the beading, embroidery, pleating, lace, bows, three-dimensional flowers to highlight the elegant image of women.
Evening dresses are often made of taffeta, satin, silk satin, chiffon and other materials. Taffeta and satin are the best materials for shaping the modeling, and the soft and delicate pleating and flowing skirt is satin and chiffon superiority. However, satin and chiffon are famous for soft and delicate pleating and flowing skirt.
Here we give you some suggestions on how to choose the best evening dresses.
If you are a delicate petite girl--You can choose evening dresses with medium waist or high waist pleated, in order to decorate your body proportions. You should try to avoid too fluffy skirt for lower body, skirt should not fall below the knee. Rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration; upper body can be more change. We recommend that you select V micro low rise waist designed to increase the slender sense.
If you have a tall and thin figure--you are born to be the coat hanger, any style of dress can be tried, especially dresses with trailing fishtail could better show charming posture.
If you have a pear-shaped figure---then it’s best for you to wear a tube dress.
In a pumpkin-shaped figure, it is advisable to wear a straight dress or an A-shaped to seem slim. Lace flowers should use a thin flat lace, high collar style should not be selected; waist, skirt design should try to avoid to be complicated.
Black is the popular color for evening dresses. Black is the symbol of mystery, Noble, and quiet elegant and magnificent, it emphasizes the sexy figure of women. If you change something from the clothes, the clothes will be nice, for example, you can sew some lace or some flowers on the dress, these items are sometimes the most important of the clothes and can fully show the character of women.
2,Prom Dresses
Prom dresses are formal clothing when wearing for festive occasions, which follow ceremonial evening dresses. Prom dresses can also be worn for graduates in colleges and universities when attending graduation party, it is also called graduation clothing.
Either light or elegant, either ceremonious or grace, prom dresses fully show women’s exceeding fascinating and charming, noble and generous. Prom dresses usually are made of gauze, chameleons, organza, sequins fabric and other materials, models are mainly based on A-type, the length is divided by ground trimly and super short instead of bridal gown. Prom dresses in the local design is fluky, generally sexy deep V collar or sweetheart collar, backless, high-slit and so on. Use more hit the color design by bright colors, often with blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, red and other colors. Decorative techniques focus on local, general lace beading, beading with diamond or intensive flouncing
3,Cocktail Dresses
A cocktail dress is a dress for cocktail parties and other small festive occasions. The colors of this dress are black, white, pink, gold and others, the tailor sews clothes often with rhinestones, sequins and others.
The cocktail dresses are short, often used the tailor color design on the dress. Decorative techniques mainly focus on beading and irregular folds.
With the development of the clothing, the cocktail dress has been coming to dance ball, but unfortunately, these clothes do not fit in formal situations, in these situations, we often wear formal dresses.
In addition, we also provide you with a variety of exquisitely beautiful style evening dress, cocktail dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, mother dress, colored child clothing and wedding shoes and a variety of wedding accessories to meet your different needs.
Our store of coolicool is largest Chinese retail shop in Germany , we provide with high cost performance wedding dress. We have a large warehouse in Germany for direct shipments, you can experience a more efficient delivery speed, you can click _ (overseas warehouse wedding dress) ___ to view. If you want to buy products in lower price, you can also choose China shipped, calmly waiting for your wedding dress which is carefully prepared by us, click __ (domestic wedding dress) __ to view.
If you purchased wedding dress in our store, you can also choose to purchase related accessories: such as veil, gloves, panniers, crowns, necklaces, earrings, wedding package (evening bag), wedding shoes and other products, one-stop service for your satisfaction.
In order for your reassurance for purchasing , we also provide you with the following return policy based on two points , first, if you do not like this wedding dress, and second, owing to some kind of mistakes during the produce that you can not wear the wedding dress. (Click here to learn __). Allows you to enjoy shopping convenient, and also enjoy our best service.
I wish you a happy shopping! If you have any questions to consult, please turn to us: contact us PAGE

Special Occasion Dresses

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