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Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

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The main trade of Wedding dresses and Formal dresses in 2013 is elegant and generous, simple and casual, comfortable adhering to the principles of nature's most beautiful.
During the production, we pay attention to every detail,  give a surprise at inadvertently place, the overall shape tends to be simple, brief details of the same to win complex, less but  fine quality. Fresh and elegant in with elegant atmosphere, Bra design, fishtail skirt, self tailing, etc. Each one can capture a woman's heart, to show brides charming elegance.
In order for you to be able to buy better fitting and more beautiful wedding, here we provide you a brief introduction of different models of wedding dresses with different characteristics.
Wedding Dresses inform A is the emphasis on the slim effect. The corporate design resembles the letter A. The fabric sits on the upper body and the abdominal skin tight it is far and wide, this will not waist relatively obvious. It feels from top to bottom in the form of a straight line and makes the bride appear tall. For women who want to express your style and pose, this model is the choice erts.
Straight wedding, generally using personal design, it can highlight the bride's good figure, presented to guests sexy and noble. It is suitable for use in small and exquisite wedding venue, simple but yet noble and generous.
Trailing wedding dress, can be divided into a small tail, the medium tail and a large tail, the short one is 40 cm, the longer one is 80 cm or more longer. It is suitable for use in a grand wedding scene. Innocent and lovely flower girl holding a big long tail, following the green bride walked into the church, filling the luxury and sacred wedding.
Mini short dress, upper body close, lower body below the waist to skirt the natural widening. This model is particularly suitable for sensitive and skillful agile fleet of Brides.
Mermaid Wedding Dress,highlighting the concept of thin narrow design to show beautiful sexy waist of bride, for portion below the knee, it stands out as beautiful fishtail-like skirt., filling the bride's unique charm, is a combination of expressing human temperament clothing and integration as a wedding.
Lotus leaves wedding dress , three-dimensional collar gently swaying in the wind, regardless of walking and going, all seems suitable in combining the movement and stillness. It gathered all the attention to the face, so that the bride is more graceful, mature and charming.
In addition, we also provide you with a variety of exquisitely beautiful style evening dress, cocktail dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, mother dress, colored child clothing and wedding shoes and a variety of wedding accessories to meet your different needs.
Our store of efox-shop is largest chinese retail shop in Germany , we provide with high cost performance wedding dress . We have a large warehouse in Germany for direct shipments, you can experience a more efficient delivery speed, you can click _ (overseas warehouse wedding dress) ___ to view. If you want to buy products in lower price, you can also choose China shipped, calmly waiting for your wedding dress which is carefully prepared by us , click __ (domestic wedding dress) __ to view.

Wedding Dresses

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