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There are new images leaked pink iphone5c

Apple is said to be out of the cheap version of iphone, called iphone5c, there are new images leaked, is a charming pink, looks very beautiful.
On the Chinese website iApps.im, the subsequent release of the iPhone in the same box Apple blog 9to5Mac The PIC is found, but at the same pleasant pastel shades of blue and yellow, white too.
If these are the true colors of new plastic iphone 5c features leaked will come - these pictures and take it with a pinch of salt, as always - they are targeting the Nokia lovely Lumias. A researcher from Finland apple frightened? The Lumia520 and 620 is really cheap, proved popular.
Another point worth noting that the iPod touch tray. While the iphone 5c cute cases in white traditions are serious black or white, brightly colored plastic iPhone is following in the footsteps of trite, Apple's MP3 player. iPod nano, for example, in the shadow shown above.While the iphone 5c in white traditions are serious black or white
iPhone5C strongly expected to be announced next week, on September 10 at the Apple event, as well as more expensive iPhone5S - standard upgrade every year, but may also be in the new carbonated champagne gold. The new iPad may also be in the show, but they usually have their own event in October.
Analysts estimate a cost of about 5C 400-500 yuan, or about 300-350 pounds, if you plug in the top of the VAT. That will not be cheap enough to worry about like Lumia520, you can package is not much more than 100 pounds. If you do not care about the application of one of the Lumia Windows Phone software is still lagging behind, then Nokia is likely to offer better value, this Christmas.
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