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4" Ceramic Knife Kitchen Household Housekeeping Tool Cutlery Chef Cooking Blade

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Size: 4 inch

Blade Material: Pearl White Solid Zirconium Oxide(ZrO2)

Handle Material: Rubblized Soft Grap(ABS)

Weight: 85-90g


1. It is intended for cutting only. And it is not intended for prying, flexing, violent chopping or boning.

2. Do not use it on frozen food .

3. Avoid dropping the knife on hard surfaces.

4. Use wooden or plastic cutting pads.

5. Store it on knife set, tray or keep it in packing box .

6. Hand washing with water and liquid dish soap; Do not wash in the dishwasher


Healthy Knife: Ceramic knife is chemically inert. Being chemically inert means that it won't give your food a metallic smell or taste like steel knives will.The surface of ceramic knives will also resist germs.

Durability: Ceramic knives are very durable. Fine ceramic is close to diamond in hardness. As the testing.ceramic knives can stay sharper for longer periods of time than stainless steel knives. And it usually go years without needing to be sharpened.

Great Design: Excellent design of the handle the knife to suit for the hands and keep your cutting balance.

Stainless: The ability to resist stains is another benefit of ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are not susceptible to these food acids, so they will never become discolored. In addition to resisting stains ,these knives won't mess with the taste of your food.

Light Weight: One of the advantages of ceramic knives is light weight compare to stainless steel knives. That is only half of stainless steel knives, it won't feel tired when use it for long time.

Package Include:

1 x 4" Ceramic Knife


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