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Update :

On July 1st we overhauled our affiliate programe to make it more profitable for you.Read on to find out how to make even more money with Coolicool

Affiliate Program Contact Email:
What You Can Get:
We have changed the fixed 4-6.5% commission to four public commission tiers:
Level Coolicool Rate To reach this level ( monthly sales amount)
Level 1 4% Access to everyone
Level 2 4.5% $1000 to $2,500
Level 3 5% $2,501 to $5,000
Level 4 6.5% More than $5,000

If you generate $2000 worth of sales in August you will get $90 from your affiliate network (4.5% x $2000) If you generate $3000 worth of sales in August you will get $150 from your affiliate network(5% x 3000). For anybody who has recently gone up a level, please note that your network won't show your new commission percentage till the last day of the month.

Now, what are you waiting for? Join the Coolicool Affiliate Program now.

What's Next?
Your own site

A publisher's account with / / .

Search for our account on these sites or click on these links:

Shareasale(Universal English): 28535

Webgains(Universal English): 8361

Admitad(Russian and English):14384

Grab the Coolicool banners,coupons,deals and datafeed from one of these sites and add it to your store.
Now all you need to do is drive traffic to Coolicool and watch the affiliate commissions roll in.
Affiliate Network ( ShareASale,Webgains,Admitad) pay 4%---6.5% commission per sale.

What we can provide:

  • Competitive commission & 60 cookie days.
  • A weekly product feed.
  • Daily deal and weekly deal promotions.
  • Regularly updated banners, including store banners and promotional banners.
  • 10 or more coupons released every month.
  • Frequent newsletters.
  • Professional affiliate team support.
  • Free Shipping
Join in Coolicool Affiliate Program today and Make Money NOW !