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Auto DVR can be described as black box for using in car. With the help of this device, video recording function can be achieved to record the video and audio during driving. If an accident happens, they give the evidence. After installing this device,all images and sound from the environment can be recorded, there is a sensor in this device, when the impact force is greater than the value of the sensor, then operate this unit, it will absorb all the information recorded. You can use the unit as a recorder. You can use this unit while driving and absorb all the information of this trip, then this device is a black box. You can use the device at home as DV or as a security product.
1. Protect the rights of the driver, because there are many people who do not obey the traffic rules, this phenomenon often leads to traffic accident and they think that the drivers leading to this accident. If you use the device, you can use them to record the evidence.
2. People can watch the video or pictures of it completely, then the police can determine who is responsible for this case, then the police can save time and they may well define the duty of the case.
3. If the vehicles installed on tachograph, drivers won’t dare be illegal, traffic accident rate will drop dramatically, the vehicle will be filmed by other vehicles’ tachograph, the rate of the traffic accident will be greatly reduced
4. When the court hear the case of traffic accident, the sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, and also provide with evidence for the claims of insurance company.
5. When the driver pushes on Robbery, this unit can record the details of the process, for example, the appearance of the robbers, the situation of the environmentand others, this may be the most important thing.
6. The people who want to travel, can use this device as DV, with which he can take anything during this trip, then this device is a black box.
7. It can be used at home DV for fun or as a home monitor. Usually it also can be used as safety surveillance for parking.
The main structure of DVR is:
(1) Main unit: micro processor, data storage device, clock, displayer, controllers, printer, data communication interface etc. If the main unit does not include a monitor and the printer, the corresponding display data and print out puts should be left.
(2) Speed sensor
(3) Data analysis software
(4) Infrared Camera, it is indispensable as a part of the night vision function.
The type of DVR
Driving recorder: it is divided by the rear view mirror car recorder and car data recorder, these two type are very elusive and easy to use.
Integrated Car DVR: it is characterized by a relatively high degree of concentration, powerful function, its advantages are fully represented in limited space of the car.
The size of the display: 1.5 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.4 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 3.5 inches etc.
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