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LED 8 lights Red And Blue Strobe Light

LED 8 lights Red And Blue Strobe Light

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Product Type: strip 22 (sub-two, each section 4LED lights)
Product Dimensions:
Length 22cm, width 4.5cm, 4.5cm high
Product Color: Red Blue
Is the use of high-power 1W LED headlamps beads manufacturing, which added eight separate overcurrent resistance, long life, in different ways alternately flashing
Operating Voltage: 12V
Colors: red, blue
Flash law: the left one first flash 3, followed by the right one and then flash 3, continuous cycle (press the switch);
You can also flash simultaneously or concurrently been lit (continuous switch a few small buttons below).

• 1), energy efficiency, energy saving. Power consumption is only equivalent to the traditional lamp 1/10, to better save fuel, protect the car circuit load current is not too high burnout.
• 2), fast response, no delay.
• 3), long life, without frequent replacement bulbs.
• 4), light color pure, bright color, never fade.

Main features:
1, in the fog, rain would be better to use, can better serve as a warning role, to avoid collision tail;
2, increasing the car's new highlights, Aicheyizu fashion meet individual needs, when you play it in droves to the field open Strobe look different;
3, in the highway rest stop or adjust your car on the road, open Strobe effect there will be a warning, to remind the vehicles behind to avoid, reduce accidents


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