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OBD is the abbreviation of On-Board Diagnostics in English, which is translated Car Auto Diagnostic System in Chinese. This system will monitor conditions of engine operating at any time to judge whether the car is excessive exhaust or not, once exceeded, it will immediately alert. When the system fails, the trouble light (MIL) or the warning lamp (Check Engine) will be turned on, meanwhile module of power train control (PCM) will deposit fault information in storage and read out fault code with certain procedures from the PCM. According to message of the fault codes, technician can quickly and accurately determine the nature and location of the fault. We have variety of products of OBD and OBD II, which support for different computer systems, we also have OBD products which support mobile phone with Apple and Android system. Products can be very convenient to use in any case, which has powerful supplying apacity, and are able to diagnose different types of vehicles. Professional services there pair facility and a variety of 4S shop.OBD is installed after the cars completely different, it can always monitor the car's emission levels, a problem will arise alarm promptly notify he owner to repair your car safer and last longer. Professional services are offered in there pair facility and a variety of 4S shops. The car will be completely different after installation of OBD which can be readily monitor vehicle mission levels, once problem appears, it will alarm and promptly notify the owner to repair the car in order to make your cars after and last longer.

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