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Chargers & Adapters

Chargers & Adapters

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With the development of our technology we use the electronic products more frequently than ever, these products are gradually becoming a part of our Leben.Wie lengthen the maturity of the elekronischen products? Electricity supply is the best solution, this product is easy to wear and very low , so any time you can charge your mobile phone or other electronic products.
Dividing the power into 2 parts, batteries and protection Bord.Die batteries with good quality is the foundation of the power supply, the use time of lithium-polymer battery is more than 18650 Cylindrical lithium battery and this battery is safer Lithium polymer batteries can usually use three years. The conversion rate of the high-quality protection board can be more than 90%, the normal protective deck may be only 80% to 85%, the rate of only 70% bad., If the conversion rate of the battery is less than 80% , it means more costs brings when using this battery.
Power in English one says or Power Bank Mobile Power Pack, you can also call or Ladegrät Mobile Batteries, Mobile power, there is also a sweet name from Chinese to say Chongdianbao.
With the development of our technology we use the electronic products more frequently than ever, these products are gradually becoming a part of our lives, such as Notebook, Tablet PC, cell phones, cameras, vedio recorder, DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS and other . the device need batteries, but because of low battery capacity can this device not long benutzen.Wenn you making a trip or doing something else, such a device one of the most important things, if you do besondes or photographed with the phone is a major , these situations make you helplessly.
With the power supply, you can ignore these situations and you can have a pleasant journey genießen.Die capacity of the supply is high, for example, to 14000mAh 20000mAh, for the power supply is normally used, the polymer lithium-ion batteries, this is for 5 V devices suitable.
On the e-FOX page we offer you a wide range power supply, the capacity of which is 2000mAh to 20000mAh, these power supplies are cheap and with super quality and are suitable, especially smartphones, for instance iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galasy S for most eletronischen Products , HTC and others.
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