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Cool Digital LCD Sound Noise Level Meter Decibel Logger GM1358 Accurate Measure

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This Multi-functional Digital Sound/Noise Level Meter with LCD Display is designed to meet the measurement requirement of noise engineers, noise quality control and health prevention in various environments.


Designed according to following standards: International Electrician Committee Standard: IEC 651 TYPE 2 & ANSI 1.4 TYPE 2.

 Wild Measurement Range: 30-130dBA, 35-130dBC.

 Accuracy: up to â±1.5dB.

 Windscreen for Filter-out Unwanted Signals.

 With 2 equivalent weighted sound pressure levels A and C.

 AC & DC analogy signal output are available connecting to frequency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer and graphic record.

 A frequence weighting for general sound level measurements.

 C frequence weighting for checking the low-frequency content of sounds.

 Large LCD screen with digits reading.

 Fast and Slow dynamic characteristic modes.

 Fast rate to pick up the current reading.

 Slow rate to pick up the reading of average within 1 second.

 Maximum value holding function to lock up the maximum reading.

 Equipped with a sponge ball.

 Auto power off design for energy saving.

 Low battery indication.

 Portable, easy to use and handy instrument for sound quality control in factory, office, home, school and construction site.


Accuracy: â±1.5dB (under reference conditions)

Measuring Level: 30-130dB (A)/35-130dB (C)

Frequency Weighting: A and C

Level Ranges: 30-80dB, 50-100dB, 60-110dB, 80-130dB

Frequency Range: 31.5Hz to 8.5KHz

Linearity Range: 50dB

Resolution: 0.1dB

Time Weighting: Fast/Slow

Dynamic Characteristic: FAST (high speed)/SLOW (low speed)

Self Calibration Time: 3sec

Sampling Rate: 2 times/second

Overload indication: OVER/UNDER

Microphone: 1/2" Electret Condenser microphone

AC Signal Output: 0.707Vrms/ full bar graph, output impedance is about 600ohm

DC Signal Output: 10mV/dB, output impedance is about 100ohm

Digital Display: 5 digits


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