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Air Treasure Refresher (mini Humidifier)-Green

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Air Treasure (mini Humidifier) Natural negative ion generator can produce 8 billion active oxygen negative ions per cubic meter in every second, which are beneficial for human body, give you a forest-like fresh sense, improve your immune ability, restrain the dissemination of influenza virus and bacteria and guard against cough, asthma and other respiratory system diseases due to dry air. Cool mist humidification can help to improve air humidity, prevent the occurrence of dizziness, asthenia and other air-conditioning diseases, effectively eliminate floating dust, decompose smokes and remove static electricity. Its mini volume is compact and fashionable, is especially suitable to be placed in cars and office and bedroom, it can reduce the radiation due to static gathering during the using process of electric appliance, as well as dysphoria, stress and restlessness caused by static electricity Natural negative ion humidification nourishes skins and makes you adolescent forever. Prevent leather from cracking Great mist output is stable and can be adjusted as required. In addition, it is provided with dry protection function, so it is convenient and practical. New design led effect light. Rated Voltage: DC12V Power: 5W Mist Output: 30-80ml/h Color: green Package dimension: 92*92*157mm Package weight: 210g


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