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Brand New Replacement Battery for OLYMPUS Digital Camera Camcorder LB-01/CR-V3

  • SKU: E-BC0254

    Status: Ship within 3-5 business days

  • Now: $11.38
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Total: $11.38
15 days exchange warranty, 1 year product warranty. If you have any question please contact with us at support@coolicool.com
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Compatible with the Digital Camera Camcorder Battery of OLYMPUS below: OLYMPUS: C-1 C-100 C-120 C-150 C-160 C-170 C-180 C-1Z C-1 Zoom C-2 C-200 Zoom C-2040Z C-2040 Zoom C-21 C-2100 Ultra Zoom C-2100UZ C-211 Zoom C-21T Commu C-220 Zoom C-2 Zoom C-3000 C-3000 Zoom C-300 Zoom C-3020 Zoom C-3030 Zoom C-3040 C-3040Z C-3040 Zoom C-3100 Zoom C-310 Zoom C-315 Zoom C-350 Zoom C-360 Zoom C-370 Zoom C-4000 Zoom C-4040Z C-4040 Zoom C-40Z C-40 Zoom C-4100Z C-4100 Zoom C-450 Zoom C-460 Zoom C-460 Zoom del Sol C-480 Zoom C-500 Zoom C-5050Z C-5050 Zoom C-5500 Sport Zoom C-55 Sport Zoom C-55 Zoom C-700 Ultra Zoom C-700UZ C-720 Ultra Zoom C-720UZ C-725 Ultra Zoom C-730 C-730 Ultra Zoom C-730 UZ C-740 C-740 Ultra Zoom C-740UZ C-745 Ultra Zoom C-745UZ C-750 C-750 Ultra Zoom C-750UZ C-755 Ultra Zoom C-755UZ C-960 Zoom C-990 Zoom C-990 ZS Camedia C-180 Camedia D-435 D-100 D-150 D-150/C-1 D-150 Zoom D-230 D-370 D-380 D-390 D-395 D-40 Zoom D-425D-435 D-460 Zoom D-490 Zoom D-510 D-510 Zoom D-520 Zoom D-530 D-540 Zoom D-545 Zoom D-550 Zoom D-560 D-560 Zoom D-565 Zoom D-575 Zoom D-580 Zoom D-595 Zoom E-1 E-10 E-100RS E-20 E-20N E-20P FE-100 FE-110 FE-120 SP-310 SP-320 SP-350 SP-500 SP-500UZ X-200 X-250 X-350 X-550


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