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Stylish Bathroom/Kitchen RGB Wide Spout Waterfall Single Lever Basin Mixer Tap

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The LED light is powered by 4 units of AA battery, 1.5V (included in the package),
and the light only works while open the faucet .
This item will change its color by detecting water temperature;
Durable Solid Brass & Tempered Glass Construction;
Polished Chrome Finish;
When water temperature is<32 degree, Green color will show automatically;
When water temperature is between 32~45 degree,Blue color will show;
When water temperature is above 45 degree, Red color will show.                             
Tools You Need for Installation:
1.Adjustable wrench
General Faucet Installation Instruction:
·Step 1: Position the Faucet
A: Begin installing your faucet by placing the gasket and faucet in position on the sink.
B: From under the sink, thread the plastic mounting nuts onto the faucet shanks.
Be sure the large side of each plastic mounting nut is up.
C: From the top of the sink, check the faucet and gasket position.
D: From under the sink tighten the mounting nuts, making certain not to over-tighten which could damage the nuts and make them difficult to remove in the future.
·Step 2: Attach the Water Supply Tubes
A: Wrap the threads of the water-supply valve with Teflon tape. Although most plumbers use only Teflon tape, some plumbing supply manufacturers also recommend using plumber`s putty.
B: Thread the water supply nut onto the shut-off valve. Tighten the nut with a wrench.
C: Wrap the threads on the faucet shank with Teflon tape, and then thread the
 water supply nut onto the faucet shank.
D: Tighten the nut with a wrench.
·Step 3: Connect the Faucet Lift Rod
A-1: From the top of the sink, insert the lift-rod into the faucet.
A-2: From under the sink, make sure the pivot-rod is in the down position. Insert the lift-rod into the lift-rod strap. Tighten the screw.
B-1: From the top of the sink, make sure the lift-rod opens and closes the drain plug as desired.
B-2: Make any needed adjustments by loosening the lift-rod strap screw and repositioning the lift-rod.
B-3: If you need to connect the lift-rod strap to the pivot rod, slide one end of the spring clip onto the pivot-rod.
B-4: Make sure that both the pivot -rod and the lift-rod are in the down position. Insert the pivot-rod in the closest hole in the lift-rod strap.
B-5: Slide the other end of the pivot-rod. Make sure the lift-rod opens and closes the drain plug as desired.
C-1: Make minor adjustments by loosening the lift-rod strap screw and repositioning the lift-rod.
C-2: Make major adjustments by removing the spring clip and moving the pivot-rod to a different hole in the lift-rod strap.
·Step 4: Flush the Faucet
A-1: Anytime you work on plumbing, filings, chips, and other debris can fall into the plumbing pipes.
A-2: This debris can damage the sealing surfaces inside the faucet and cause leaks.
A-3: Remove aerator and black sealing gasket above it.
A-4: Before turning on the water supply, make sure the faucet handles are open (on position) in order to remove the debris without causing damage.
B: Open both water supply valves under the sink.
C-1: Allow the water to run for 15 seconds.
C-2: Close the faucet handles (turn off).
D: Make sure any debris is cleaned from the aerator sc


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