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ELEPHONE W1 jawbone wristband Jawbone Bracelet Smartwatch

ELEPHONE W1 jawbone wristband Jawbone Bracelet Smartwatch


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ELEPHONE W1 jawbone wristband Jawbone Bracelet Smartwatch

Elephone W1 Product specifications:
1, MTK6260+ G-SENSOR internal storage 32MB+32MB
2, BlueTooth 2.1&3.0;Bluetooth support
3, LCD:0.49 OLED 64*32Dots;
4, Battery capacity: 180mAh/Standby time: 180 Hour
5, There are 7 languages.
Stand-by time: It lasts more than 1 month without connecting to Bluetooth and 72 hours when connecting to Bluetooth.
1. Language version
German, Italian, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.etc.
2. Charge
Built in rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery, charge at least more than 3 hours before using.
3. Switching
Press the B button to switch between options
Opening words: ELEPHONE;
Ending words: GOODBYE
Connect the device with USB wire to charge. The OLED light is on when it's charging
4. Bluetooth pairing
To connect the mobile phone and W1 for the first time
Long press the B key to enter the menu, short press B key to switch to the Bluetooth, long press to confirm, activate Bluetooth,smartphone will be found.
Open Bluetooth function in your phone setting interface;
Enter the mobile phone Bluetooth interface select “Search equipment and click "OK"”; Mobile phone screen shows "Elephone". And confirm the connection
For some mobile phone, password is needed, then enter the four digit code (0000) and press "ok";
Press the A key will turn on the LED screen display clock;
5. Calls, caller ID
When Elephone W1 and phone are connected.
Elephone W1 will show the calling number.
Elephone W1 will vibrate when you recieve calls.
Press the B button directly answer the phone, press the mute
If it's not convenient to answer the call, short press A key to reject;
The effective distance remind indoor and would be decreased under complex environment.
6, Bluetooth notification APP Download: Please scan the QR Code down below to download and install
APP download: Reference Instructions
7. Remote camera
When APP is open, Long press B button, enter the menu, Press the B button, switch to the remote camera, Long press to enter, mobile phone camera will automatically start , short press to take pictures
8. Looking for mobile phone
When APP is open, long press B button, enter the menu, Press the B button, switch to find mobile phone, Long press to enter, mobile phone alarm will go off.
9. Remote anti-thieft, when the distance between mobile phone and you is more than 10M, or mobile phone is  shutdown, bracelet alarm will go off.
10. Remote synchronization, when APP is open, bracelet will remind you if you got messages from facebook, MSN etc on your phone.
11. Pedometer function, press the B button, enter the menu, Press the B button, switch to the pedometer, Long press ente to start. The time is shown above, number of steps is shown below. Data will be transferred  to the Analysis client installed in mobile phone. The data is for you to analysis your exercise every day.And it'll remind your exercise plan.
12. Sleep management, long press the B button, enter the menu, press the B button to switch to sleep management, long press to start recording. The data will be transferred to the client installed in the mobile phone and it'll provide an analysis for you.
APP download: "Reference Instructions"
The information above is only for reference, check out Official WEB www.elephone.hk to get the precise information.
ELEPHONE W1 jawbone wristband Jawbone Bracelet Smartwatch
ELEPHONE W1 jawbone wristband Jawbone Bracelet Smartwatch


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